Mystery Blogger Award

Dear Blog,

The It Girl nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award! Thank you so much! You can check out her nomination post here.

Source: PS Barbosa.


  • Thank whoever nominated you and include link to their blog
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Nominate 10-20 bloggers you feel deserve the award
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice with one weird or funny one
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

Three Things About Me:

  1. When it comes to Disney princesses, I am the epitome of Belle, but I wish I had the spontaneous spirit of Ariel.
  2. If professionalism didn’t matter in my career or at work, I’d have pastel-colored mermaid length hair and I’d intricately braid it everyday!
  3. My big toes like to dislocate themselves whenever they please and it makes walking a little painful.

It Girl’s Questions:

  1. What country do you live in? The United States. It’s a big country, so I feel the need to specify that I live in Chicago just so there is an idea of where in the United States I live… Is that weird?
  2. What’s your favorite movie? The Kiera Knightly Pride and Prejudice. It’s just so whimsical and I think it captures the book perfectly.
  3. What’s your favorite travel destination? I would love to go back to Australia, but I feel like I should choose a place that I’ve never been to… So, right now, my heart is saying Dubrovnik, Croatia! They film parts of Game of Thrones there, plus Croatia is supposedly where The Little Mermaid takes place! What’s not to love?
  4. Describe your best date. The best date I’ve ever been on was when my boyfriend and I went to Six Flags. We did it all, including the rides, games, and, of course, funnel cake sundaes! It was a really fun day and a great way for us to celebrate our third anniversary (this was in 2015) and Independence Day since they happen to fall on the same day.
  5. Which skill would you want to develop? I would love to be able to sing really well! I think I sing well enough–like, it’s not bad when I’m in the car singing my heart out to whatever is on the radio–but I want to be able to sing beautifully like Beyonce. Is that too much to ask?

My Nominees:

(Clicking on the links will lead you to the blogger’s most recent or one of their more recent posts. I do this so that I can tell these bloggers that I have nominated them for an award while being at work, but also so you can check them out and perhaps find a new blog to love!)

  1. Adventures with Amanda
  2. The Beauty Swatcher
  3. Cracking Adulthood
  4. Eleni’s World
  5. Forever Undefined
  6. Got Meghan’s Blog
  7. Life With Mrs T
  8. olita
  9. Sarah June
  10. Strikeouts & Sprinkles
  11. Words for Everything

My Questions:

  1. If you could invite anyone over for dinner, who would it be and why?
  2. What’s something you wear or keep with you everyday and why?
  3. What’s a book you recommend everybody read?
  4. Why is your best friend your best friend?
  5. Do you believe in karma?

Thanks again for the nomination, It Girl! If you were nominated, please let me know when and if you post yours!



P.S.: Don’t forget about the weekly poll! It’s new and it needs your vote!


23 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award

    1. It’s worse than what people think it is, I’ve noticed… Like, your balance is off, it’s painful, you have to shift your weight. It is horrible! Thanks, and thanks for reading!

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